Branch 229 Executive


Executive Committees

Executive Committees

President - Tony Moore

Past President - Fred Halcro

1st Vice President - Jill Bilesky

2nd Vice President - Barb Susheski

Treasurer - Barbara Southerland

Secretary - Lila K. Wing

Sgt at Arms - Sheran Lee Thomas

Executive Committees

Executive Committees

Executive Committees

Amos Gordon Ferguson - Barb Larsen

Buildings & Grounds - Fred Halcro

Bylaws & Resolutions - Gerald Fitzgerald

Donations - -Lutz Sprecher - Barb Larsen

Entertainment  & Events - Jill Bilesky

Gaming -  Brenda Knowles

Honours & Awards - Randy Watts

LA Liaison - Glen Wilson

Membership -  Barb Larsen

New Chelsea Society - Randy Watts 

Poppy - Brenda Knowles

Public Relations - Lutz Sprecher

Sports - Ken MacDonald

Sick  & Visiting - Barbara Sutherland

Ladies Auxiliary Liaison - Glen Wilson

Gaming - Brenda Knowles

Sick and Visiting - Barbara Southerland

Poppy - Brenda Knowles

Youth & Cadets -  Tony Moore

Zone - Randy Watts

Contact a member of the Whalley Legion Executive

All branch 229 executive members can be reached by contacting the office at 604-581-3441 and leaving a message.

Whalley Legion Committees

Color photo of Whalley Legion Branch 229 as it appears in 2018 whalley whalley legion whalley 229

Below is a list of the Whalley Legion Branch Committees. If you wish to become involved you may contact the office at 604-581-3441 and leave a message.  

Whalley Legion Poppy & Remembrance Committee

The Annual Poppy Campaign is the most important fundraiser that the Legion holds for two weeks every November. All members are expected to participate in this important campaign. There are a myriad of jobs including canvassers in malls and shopping centers, area captains delivering and picking up poppy trays, and many other helpers who look after many of the myriad tasks. Included in this is the great deal of work required in preparation for the Remembrance ceremonies. Veterans and ex-service members are especially helpful as speakers in local schools.  

Whalley Legion Membership Committee

Membership is the lifeblood of the Legion. All members are asked to encourage friends and family to join our great organization. Committee members help in processing membership applications, phoning committees, participating in initiation ceremonies and many other tasks.  

Whalley Legion Ways & Means Committee

Volunteers on this committee help in the various ways and means of raising money for the Branch. Help is needed planning and organizing various fundraising activities that may include special dinners, Bar B Que’s, flea markets, etc.  

Whalley Legion Entertainment Committee

Members can help the Entertainment chairman by participating in the organizing of entertainment for the Branch.

Whalley Legion Special Events Committee

Closely related to the Entertainment and Ways and Means committees, volunteers on the Special Events committee help plan and organize a variety of special events throughout the year.  

Whalley Legion Branch 229 officers, photo taken Jan 23 1964 whalley whalley legion whalley 229 229

Whalley Legion Sports Committee

Participants in this committee help organize and coordinate the various Branch sports activities, setting up tournaments and help the chairperson in making Branch sports a fun and interesting thing for members to participate in.  

Whalley Legion Public Relations Committee

The Legion is one of the best kept secrets out there. Volunteers on the Public Relations committee help plan and organize various ways of advertising who we are and what we have to offer. In addition to regular methods of promoting the Legion, volunteers are needed in the community manning our PR booth at various local events.  

Whalley Legion Sick & Visiting Committee

We all care about our members and our Veterans. On this committee, volunteers assist by visiting local hospitals and homes to show our fellow comrades we care.  

Whalley Legion Building & Grounds Committee

A helping hand is always needed to look after the many small (and large) tasks needed for the upkeep of the Branch. Helpers, not just skilled craftsmen, are always in demand to help our Caretaker in repairs, maintenance and upkeep of our Branch and grounds.  

Whalley Legion Honours & Awards Committee

Recognizing members for their contributions to the Legion is very important. Volunteers on this committee work with the chairperson to identify those recipients deserving of recognition. Organizing and planning the annual awards luncheon is a key function.  

Whalley Legion Sergeant at Arms

The Sergeant at Arms is always looking for those dedicated persons willing to participate in a variety of annual events as a part of the Colour Party. Volunteers will find a great deal of pride and satisfaction from participating.